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Throughout life, we receive messages that we cannot always decipher. With help from a psychic medium in Newnan, Georgia, Sonia Psychic can help you decode some messages. Sonia uses her psychic gifts to help people make more sense of life in their personal and work relations. Sonia Psychic established her psychic services in 1981 and continues to help others discover and understand more.

Psychic Consultation

Sonia Psychic Services

The psychic services provided by Sonia include a comprehensive selection. Psych readings are specially done for the situation and to help the person understand what they might be going through or discern a message from a dream.

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Sonia’s Psychic Services Include the Following:

Psychic Consultation

Tarot Card Readings

Sonia’s tarot card readings will help you choose in situations you might otherwise be uncertain about. The tarots can reveal answers to questions about yourself. Perhaps you’re in doubt about something, or maybe you need insight into a situation. Sonia can help you using a tarot reading.

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Dream Interpretations

We have all had dreams that we cannot understand or hope to find some form of clarity to their possible meaning. Sonia can help with her gift of dream interpretation. You may have had a disturbing dream or have feelings about a plan. She can help you be clear and free yourself from any tension or negative energy related.

Psychic Consultation

Love Life Readings

Knowing the status of your love life at present or future love life might be something you wish to explore. Sonia’s psychic love life readings can help you learn about yourself and your partner or partner-to-be. Couples can also get counseling from Sonia to help mend and grow their relationship.

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Psychic Readings

It’s hard to recover from the trauma of saying goodbye to someone. With psychic readings, Sonia can deliver messages from loved ones who have passed and help clients get some closure to move forward with their lives.

Psychic Consultation

Telephonic Readings

Sonia Psychic also provides a telephone reading service if you cannot get in touch in person. In this way, you don’t have to go to the facility and meet in person. Instead, you will get the same value for your reading as you would if you had a visit in person.

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Aura and Chakra Readings

Our aura energy and chakras are vital to our spiritual and physical well-being. Sonia provides aura and chakra readings to her clients if they choose. In doing so, she can see if there are any energy blockages or negative energy influences. She helps overcome trauma through her readings and can help people become better by understanding themselves and how to work through a traumatic experience.

Discretion and Confidence

Sonia’s Tarot card readings, palm readings, and psychic interpretations have become a trusted and highly reputable source within Newnan, Georgia.

The interpretations based on her gifts to see and read about a situation or future help people find perspective and be more at ease with their life’s journey. Thanks to her aid, people can move forward with a clear understanding of the situation.

Visit Sonia and let her help you find closure and healing and see your life carry on for the better. Her psychic abilities can help you start your healing journey.

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